Jacques-Cartier Bridge Maintenance Center

Boulevard Taschereau, Longueuil

Project Summary

16 458 000$
Execution period
Type of contract
Jacques Cartier et Champlain Bridges Inc.
Landscape Architect
Structural Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Bouthillette Parizeau
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Bouthillette Parizeau


Construction of a new multi-functional building measuring 2,000 sq.m. spread over 3 levels. The first level is mainly used as a garage and workshop, the second level is used for Storage and mechanical equipment while the third on is for administrative offices. The structure of the building consistas of a conventionna steel frame and glulam frame for the administrative area. The foundations will consist of a system of steel drilled piles supporting a structural slab cast directly on the ground floor of the first level. The yard redevelopment involves the construction of a drainage system for the site, backfilling, levelling and compaction of the land, paving, and the development of an outdoor rest area. The project also includes the installation of a generator as well as a refuelling diesel and gas station for the new yard. Work to connect the new building to the City’s sewer and water system is also planned.

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