Our Area of Expertise

Tisseur’s strength is building your project while building our durability. Our multidisciplinary team is actively involved at each stage of the process, which is a sign of confidence and success.


Working in the building industry means actively participating in our collective future. Generating value. Building public spaces in which people will thrive. It is highlighting companies of the future.

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Engineering Structures

Creating junction, linking and communication points, between cities, suburbs, and people. Our mastery in this field allows us everyday to build, maintain and redesign bridges, supporting walls, road networks, and culverts, and this, in perfect harmony and sustainably.

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Make a Difference Every Day

Feeling that our thoughts, our ideas, our solutions make a difference is stimulating and energizing, isn’t it? We feel like going beyond limits, giving more, and reinventing ourselves constantly. At Tisseur, we create projects for the future, and a future jewel of Quebec. Does this vision appeal to you? Embark on this great adventure!

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