Innovate to Go Beyond Limits

Having in-house all the required resources, Tisseur’s team offers services that exceed customers’ expectations. For projects, and implementations, of the highest quality.

Every day we work by the industry highest standards, we abide by the applicable law and environmental regulations.

  1. Safety
  2. Sustainable Development
  3. Ethics
  4. Quality

Safety is Our Top Priority

We are working in a quite dangerous industry. Therefore, our staff’s safety, as well as the safety of everyone present on a building site, is our top priority. We also raise the awareness of our staff about this and we make sure to develop our industry’s best practices to reach the so-called “zero risk”.

A Well Assumed Responsibility

For us, abiding by the law and governmental regulations is essential. We do not only apply them, but we also wish to raise an environmental awareness. As employees, customers, entrepreneurs, parents, grandparents, or in other words, as responsible citizens.

Sustainable development is part of our approach. Part of our mindset. Of our DNA. And this, for a better future.

Tisseur’s Promise

For our large family, ethics and good practice go far beyond complying with the current rules and regulations.

Throughout our 20 years of existence, we managed to forge ourselves an excellent reputation. And it is to keep this reputation, to keep our customers’ and partners’ trust, so as to ensure our staff’s well-being, that we decide to write our own Code of ethics.

Meeting the Requirements

Tisseur Inc. is proud to provide products and services in accordance with the client requirements by using all the proper resources to this end.

All our employees contribute constantly to the continuous improvement of our quality management system for the joint benefit of clients, staff and owners.

Here’s the guidelines of this policy:

  • • Respect of deadlines;
  • • Respect of client’s budget;
  • • Respect of compliance and requirements prescribed. 


  • Integrity We commit ourselves to stand by our highest principles of integrity and ethical behaviours. We even make sure to go beyond our legal obligations.
  • Health & Safety Our staff’s health and safety are our top priority. Therefore, we are continuously taking concrete measures to enforce them.
  • Team spirit All the team members are part of the large Tisseur family. We treat them with respect, not only during their daily activities, but also within the implementation of the company’s policies.
  • Excellence Tisseur strives for excellence across the work it performs, but also across the relationships it builds with the staff, customers, suppliers, and partners.
  • Efficiency Our promise: meeting the deadlines and respecting the allocated budgets. We also commit to comply with the highest standards of the industry, and with the environmental regulations.

Make a Difference Every Day

Feeling that our thoughts, our ideas, our solutions make a difference is stimulating and energizing, isn’t it? We feel like going beyond limits, giving more, and reinventing ourselves constantly. At Tisseur, we create projects for the future, and a future jewel of Quebec. Does this vision appeal to you? Embark on this great adventure!

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