Engineering Structures

Creating, reorganizing, building, improving, and protecting. Working in the large-scale construction industry and major upgrades requires savoir-faire and a wide multidisciplinary team.

It is a complicated art that few companies master, although the public’s safety is a major concern.

  1. Preconstruction
  2. Construction
  3. Postconstruction

Planning Carefully to Complete Efficiently

Your team defined a vision, taking the specificities and specific constraints into account. So, it is our duty to make it come true. In order to do so we plan, help one another, work as a team and we carry on. We develop an implementation strategy, in which you will trust, and which will meet your expectations.

Executing Skillfully to Exceed

The implementation of our strength is a substantial luxury which is associated with our favourite activity: minimizing. Risks, costs, time and energy loss. Waste, errors, negative impacts on the environment, communication issues and non-met goals.

Reviewing to Strengthen

Most of our projects are links: bridges, roads, i.e., places when people gather. Links are the heart of our success. Before, during and after each stage of construction. We connect with you through a project, in order to establish a business process for the decades and decades to come.

Areas of expertise


To build large infrastructures and to perform repair works, it takes analysis, intelligence, rigor, and precision; the four of the key elements of Tisseur’s approach.

Projects for this sector


Building, transforming, optimizing. We do all this at the same time, on top of our regular activities. This is commonplace for us.

Projects for this sector

Special projects

Tisseur’s team is divided in various specialised sections, each one of them making us what we are known for. We turn every project into a success since we have all the required resources in-house.

Projects for this sector

Our Strengths


Tisseur’s major strength? An energetic team, constantly looking for new ideas, and a special methodology, based on the company services integration, and this, to ensure customers’ entire satisfaction.


There is intelligence in each idea, solution, and decision. We have, in-house, all the required expertise to run your project. Therefore, we know what we are talking about.


The main advantage of our strength? Control. Control of the stages, resources, deadlines, and communication. We have an impact on each detail, at each second, and this, from the start to the end of the project.

Make a Difference Every Day

Feeling that our thoughts, our ideas, our solutions make a difference is stimulating and energizing, isn’t it? We feel like going beyond limits, giving more, and reinventing ourselves constantly. At Tisseur, we create projects for the future, and a future jewel of Quebec. Does this vision appeal to you? Embark on this great adventure!

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