Whether it is an institutional, commercial, heavy residential or industrial project, we aim at the same thing: the intelligence. A clean, green and sustainable intelligence. When planning, analysing, designing, arranging, implementing, and using continuous improvement.

  1. Preconstruction
  2. Construction
  3. Postconstruction

Planning Carefully to Complete Efficiently

The base of the project is according to us, a major step. It is when planning the project that we lay its foundations and we build its vision. It is only when the process is clearly defined that we start working and we keep you posted on its progression.

Executing Skillfully to Exceed

Keeping the above-defined vision in mind, our team is now ready to make it come true. It is a that precise moment that you realize that this is the wisest decision you have ever made. Indeed, Tisseur’s team will illustrate its savoir-faire brilliantly. You will be amazed by our skills and agility.

Reviewing to Strengthen

With this vision anchored in mind, our team is now on the ground to make it a reality. It is at this precise moment that you become fully aware of the impact of your decision: the Tisseur team deploys its know-how, and with a mastery and agility that will surprise you.

Areas of expertise


Educational institutions are place where people will explore, socialize, discover themselves and thrive. Tisseur is proud to be able to be part of this noble society project. So far, we have acquired considerable knowledge and expertise in this field.

Projects for this sector


Both institutional projects and service centers require a more specialised approach: fireplaces, libraries, hospitals, public swilling pools, public garages, prison environments, …

Projects for this sector


For our team members, executing commercial projects allows them to be highly creative and to push the boundaries, while focussing on energy efficiency.

Projects for this sector


Tisseur is actively contributing to helping Quebec industrial companies to reach another level, while aiming at improving the operations.

Projects for this sector

Heavy residential

Condominiums, multi-residential buildings, private retirement homes and centers; we manage heavy residential projects rigorously and creatively.

Projects for this sector

Our Strengths


Tisseur’s major strength? An energetic team, constantly looking for new ideas, and a special methodology, based on the company services integration, and this, to ensure customers’ entire satisfaction.


There is intelligence in each idea, solution, and decision. We have, in-house, all the required expertise to run your project. Therefore, we know what we are talking about.


The main advantage of our strength? Control. Control of the stages, resources, deadlines, and communication. We have an impact on each detail, at each second, and this, from the start to the end of the project.

Make a Difference Every Day

Feeling that our thoughts, our ideas, our solutions make a difference is stimulating and energizing, isn’t it? We feel like going beyond limits, giving more, and reinventing ourselves constantly. At Tisseur, we create projects for the future, and a future jewel of Quebec. Does this vision appeal to you? Embark on this great adventure!

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